Membership Information

Limuru Country Club offers great value-for-money memberships to all Kenyans and Kenyan residents as well as participating corporate partners. We also offer a very unique and inexpensive temporary membership package for up to two years for expatriates with very simple application procedures. If you are interested in joining Limuru, do pay us a visit.


The applicant needs to be proposed by a member who has been a member for a minimum of two years.

After filling the application form, the applicant is required to come with his proposer on the last Wednesday of the month, to be introduced to four directors and two membership committee members who sign the applicant's form. 

The applicant can then pay the entrance fees according to the membership category he will take up. The application form is then forwarded to the membership committee for first noting. The following month its taken to the membership committee for 2nd noting and recommendation to the Board for election. 

After election by the Board the applicant can pay the subs charged at point of entry. During this period the applicant can use the club facilities, and pay by coupons for bar and catering bills. After election by the Board, the applicant is issued with a membership card and can start signing for his bar and catering bills. At the end of the month, a statement of account is sent to the applicant for settlement of dues.